The Unlikely Family of Jesus

2022 Family Advent Devotional


Our efforts are often framed by our desire for success and accomplishment. We want this for ourselves, our children, and our family as a whole–to make a name for ourselves. 

This isn’t new. It is rooted in the very foundations of fallen man. We have an innate desire to make ourselves known somehow.

Ironically, when we study the lineage of Jesus, what we see is brokenness. We see people who were far from perfect–who were unremarkable or unlikely to make a difference. Their lives were marked by sin and failure or in contrast, were just unremarkably plain. 

Why would God choose these people to precede the advent of our Savior? 

The focus of this year’s advent is how God uses messy, imperfect, and unremarkable people for His glory. How the arrival of God’s saving grace came by way of those who needed it—just like we do.

We are all broken, but through Jesus, we are redeemed. He came once and will come again, making all things new!

Items to open each day

Below is the checklist of items you should have collected at Advent Festival. If you are missing anything or would like to pick up a kit, please call First Presbyterian Church at (228) 875-5326.

Use your Bible every day!

 – Serpent
29 – Sunflower seed
30 – Sneaker

1 – Sand timer
2 – Water dropper
3 – Compass
4 – Joke
5 – Skittles®
6 – Word puzzle
7 – Pearl in a bag
8 – Empty
9 – Red string
10 – Grain of rice
11 – Ginger root
12 – Chocolate treasure box
13 – Sad face stickers
14 – Girl silhouettes
15 – Question mark stickers
16 – Kit Kat®
17 – First place ribbon
18 – Chocolate gold coin
19 – Metal ring
20 – Name sticker
21 – Scroll
22 – Ellipsis
23 – Wood chip
24 – Blue fabric
25 – Velvet and burlap

Final tips

Ready to get started?

Special Thanks

This Advent devotional was made possible by the support of our volunteer writers and contributors.

Mary Ashbaker
Russ & Joanna Allman
Becky Giles
Catherine Carpenter
Rebekah Cunningham
Crissy Krance
Emily Beth Dickinson
Paige Hertel
Gail Cheney
Cheryl Ashby
Nikki Early
Hailey Barton
Laura Dobson
Chris & Shannon Lewis
Lee & Kaysie Bradburn
Kyle & McLaurin Palmer
Margaret Hurt
Luke & Mary Mittwede
Trevor & Lenore Smith
Elise Everett
Nell Driggers
Kimberly Everett
Micah & Juliana Lewis
Teresa Sage
Sorrel Duncan
Amy Travis
Rebecca Castleman